Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Jules wants her body back.... AGAIN!

Well, here we go again.  This past July I had my darling baby boy, Zackary.  He now makes me the Mommy of 2 ;) which means double the fun, double the joy, double the WEIGHT?!?!  Well... not actually double, but right back where I started the last time I started Body Back,  meaning we are back to square 1 and MAMA WANTS HER BODY BACK...again

And so it begins...
Last week we began and had our weigh in- 153.6 on the scale.  They say not to get wrapped up in the number on the scale, but c'mon ladies, we all know how hard that is.  We all have that number in our head that we would love to read when we look down at our feet, and that number for me is 140lbs.  Seeing it in the 150's is just errrr!  So as I write it down on my folder, Ang tells me to kiss it goodbye.  Heck I would make out with it and give it one hell of a goodbye if I could- you know one of those never ever going to see you again so lets make this dirty and sloppy kind?!  Fingers crossed I never do.

The same day of the weigh in we did assessments.  We did tricep, bicep, crunches, planks, and oh what fun, the dreaded run.  The run was around the parking lot and I'm pretty sure each lap was a mile, so 8 miles.... (or at least thats what it felt like)  Around my 3rd lap I wanted to stop and walk, but pushed myself not to.  Each lap Ang had a little praise or funny phrase that kept me going.  As I looked at all the ladies running around me, the supermodel that finished first, the runners that are barely sweating, me- somewhere in the middle, and the newbies who just started BodyBack- I envision myself where I started the last time around.  I remember my red sweaty gross face (which I still had this time) and I remember coming in DEAD LAST... feeling kind of embarrassed, but mostly angry at myself for not being a better runner.  I realized that the HUGE advantage I have this time around is knowing that I CAN push myself, I CAN get better, and I WILL see the results.  That it doesnt matter if I come in first or last, but that I will get better.  See, I KNOW from experience it works- so I kept running through the pain.  Had it been the first time around, I would've been last again- easily... but since I know to tell my mind to "FUCK OFF" when it starts hurting I did a little better... I can't wait to watch the ladies I am with make the same journey and transformation that I know is possible- this is going to be a great session.

The next workout was at the beach and, well, how do I put this... My dumbass was hungover.  I went to a concert the night before, and let me tell you- mama doesnt get to go out very often, so its was KIND OF A BIG DEAL.  I had 2 beers, and 2 glasses of wine- which just set me over, and woke up feeling disgusting.  As I dragged my ass out of bed, my little gremlin told me to get back in bed multiple times.  I seriously had a major battle with myself.  I got in the car, out of the car, and then back in the car before I made it out of the driveway.  Then I made it down the street, had to turn around to go back and get the beach pass, fought with myself to get back in the car again, and finally got going back down the street.  I finally made it to the beach, running late- only to find the Body backers running down the beach on the sand.  FML, are you kidding me?!  This is what were gonna start with today, a sand run?  Figures.

Well- I did the workout- feeling like I was gonna throw up the whole time.  I would say I was proud of myself for at least making it there, but I didn't push myself like I could have... used my hangover as a crutch.  I told myself Tuesday would be a different story, and man- was it!

Tuesday we did a station work out and I knew it had to be better.  My friend felt the same way as I did after Saturday's beach workout (minus the hangover) so we made a pact that we would motivate, push, support each other along the whole workout.  We went station to station and pushed ourselves at each exercise.  It was great because as my knees would come down on the plank- she'd get me to pick them back up... and as she slowed down, I'd encourage her to pick up the pace.  THIS, for me, IS SO IMPORTANT.  I can work harder, go longer, get faster, be better if I have that encouragement.  If I know someone is counting on me- I'm much harder on myself and wont let myself slack off.  I wont tell myself that it hurts to bad, I deserve to stop, or the kids had shots today so I get a break, or I'll work harder at the next stop- no... I keep going.  So Tuesday was great, I left feeling invigorated and strong- and excited about whats to come.  And Wednesday, today- I am SORE AS HELL (but its just a reminder of how BAD ASS I was last night!) so it doesn't bother me.

So there you have it, the beginning of my post-baby #2 Mama Wants Her Body Back- take the journey with me as I try to slim down, once again- and get my pre-baby body back!

Current Weight:  153.6 lbs