Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Devil Eats Malasadas.


Wikipedia's Definition-a Portuguese confection. They are made of egg sized balls of yeast dough and deep fried in oil and coated in granulated sugar. Traditionally, malasadas were made to use up all of the lard and sugar in the house.

My definition- a donut that fell from heaven and landed in my hand in Hawaii.

Now as you can see, the picture here shows the malasadas doing a happy dance, playing the ukulele and welcoming you to the islands. Their smiling faces made me forget about my diet and the 300+ calories I was consuming by eating just one. And they are kind of like potato chips... you can't just have one.

The bakery doesn't even pop them into the fryer until you order them, so they are fresh and hot when you bite into them. Malasadas just might be the most delicious things I've ever tasted. So yes, I ate one. Ok, I ate two. and YES, I made Kara drive by Leonard's on the way to the airport the day we left, but I simply couldn't help myself. The Devil eats malasadas.

All I can say is, THANK GOD I don't live in Honolulu or this would be a constant temptation for me!!! Now that I'm back home, its back to the diet, and I will try... oh so hard... to forget about these magnificent little pastries that made me jump off the meal plan. Hey! I was on vacation!


  1. jealous you got a second one. remember you hiked Diamond Head - while carrying a 17 lb baby so Malasada totally earned.

  2. the devil does it malasadas they had them in my lunch room at work yesterday and let me tell you satan took over me and i ate one!! soo bad but they are delicious!! thats right we hiked diamond head paddle boarded, walked everywhere and even drank an entire pineapple blaah!! haha ooh man i miss you so much already!!