Monday, February 21, 2011

Week 7

Today marks the beginning of week 7. Six weeks down, and only 2 left to reach my goal weight of 140 lbs. So after the weigh in today, I am proud to say the scale was my friend this morning. 141.4lbs! Only 1.4 to drop and I will be there, Wow.

I remember filling out my goal on the Body Back registration sheet and thinking "Yeah, right. I weighed 140lbs at my Wedding! 13 lbs in two months! Hey- its a goal, its a challenge, so I'll write it down, but I highly doubt that will EVER happen." I had this fear that once I had a baby, I could never be skinny again. I would always have a little pooch, I would never be able to get back to what I was before. And here we are, 6 weeks into it and I've lost a total of 11lbs. I wouldn't say I'm skinny, but I can already see the difference Body Back has made on my body, and I am excited. I feel stronger, and I feel Fit. That final goal is totally within reach, and all of these early mornings, hard work, and meal planning have been paying off!

Todays workout was intense, as usual! But since it was so cold outside, my frozen extremeties distracted me from all the work my body was doing! It was so nice to come home to my sleeping baby and hubby and spend the rest of President's Day relaxing with them, workout- done!

Current Weight: 141.4 lbs


  1. So awesome Jules!!! You are almost there!

  2. Holy shit! Julie only 1.4 lbs to go!!! you DID it! your already there in my eyes wow! good for you, I am so proud of you and your motivation inspired me to go run today no ifs ands or butts! i love you keep up the good work!

  3. good job!
    any more recipe/meal plans?! For a week straight I had your breakfast meal. eggs with peppers/tortilla. :)