Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Hurts SO good!

So Mondays weigh in went well again! I lot another 3 pounds, boo ya! I was super excited when I saw that number on the scale and ready for a great workout.

I read our coaches Facebook status that morning before I went, and it said "you better put on your big girl pants." And let me be the first to tell you, she was NOT kidding. This workout was not for babies, and it was by far, the hardest one yet. We did another traveling class like the first real workout we had, and man o man! It KICKED MY ASS! We did totally different exercises than we had before and my body is still recovering a day and a half later. The biggest win I had is that we did the resistance run again, this time I managed to complete it without pissing myself, woohoo!

I guess as we get farther along in the program, the workouts have to get harder in order to continue seeing results. Well this one was tough, and I am feeling it. Muscles I didn't even know existed are aching tonight. I now know the meaning of "HURTS SO GOOD." because even though it hurts a little, it just lets me know that I had an awesome workout, and am on my way to getting results!

Today I fly to Hawaii to see my little sister training the dolphins. I am so excited for this vacation, but nervous of the impact it'll have on my body back routine and results. All the delicious hawaiian food and drinks will be tempting, and it will be tough to work out while Im there... Keeping this in mind- I looked up calories in one pina colada and the answer was 640. 640??? In just one??? I remember a few years back when I went to hawaii having 4 or 5 of them in a day. That sure won't be happening this time. Hmmmm.... I wonder how many calories are in a mai tai :)

Current Weight : 146.0 lbs


  1. National Margarita day!! was that really necessary to tell me? haha how about national run your ass off day!! thats what im about to do I refuse to be the fat sister hahaha celulite no more, carbs no more, sugar goodbye!! your my inspiration beautiful!! i love you!

  2. PS the mai tais were amazing!!! and less calories i like the sound of that!