Sunday, March 13, 2011


Last week we had the Body Back celebration Brunch where our results were revealed.

We all put on an outfit that didnt fit us 8 weeks ago and potlucked brunchy items over to one of the girls houses. We were greeted with Champagne and had an incredible spread of food to choose from, some healthy, some not- but this was a splurge day since it was our final celebration.

I filled my plate with some of the most delicious items, quiches, breakfast tostadas, fruit, cake balls (yes, I said CAKE BALLS, YUM!), breakfast casseroles and more... and had at it, all of it!

Then Angela stood up and one by one revealed our results. Now most of the girls already knew I had lost 13 lbs, but what was incredible were my strength results. Here they are:

Starting Weight 153.2 lbs Ending Weight 140.1lbs
Total loss 13.1 lbs

Measurements Beginning to End
Chest 34.5 to 32.5
Waist 29.8 to 26.3
Hips 40 to 36
Thigh 22.8 to 20.8
Total loss of 11.5 inches!

Run 5:46 to 4:41
Biceps 31 to 50
Plank .36 to 1.32
push ups 4 to 9 (still need to work on this one)
Sit ups 22 to 30
Squats 38 to 56
Side Bridge .37 to 1.09


So, YES, that results sheet is hanging on my Fridge, right where we will proudly display all of Blakes artwork when he gets old enough to make it. The fridge was actually a great place to put it, seeing that when I am hungry- its reminds me to go for the veggies instead of the ice cream! After all, EVERYTHING paid off.

Angela ran a contest during Body Back for the biggest loser. The girl who had the most improvement/ weight loss/ inches lost won the contest, and recieves another round of Body Back for FREE.

AND I WON IT! I was the Biggest Loser!

So here we go again- starting tomorrow I will be doing another 8 weeks of the Body Back Program.

What's my goal this time? Well, that easy. I want to get even stronger. I want to become a better runner and kill my arch nemisis- those push ups.

As far as weight goes, What's my goal. Well, thats easy too! Lets see if I can get to my "Driver's License Liar Weight" because lets be honest ladies, NO ONE puts their actual weight on there. I usually go for a -5lbs or so, maybe -10 if Im feeling skinny on the day I fill it out... Right now it says I am 135lbs. Hmmmm... think I can do it??

Cheers to ROUND 2!!!

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