Sunday, March 20, 2011

a VERY tough week.

Let me start out by saying, I am absolutely dreading weighing in tomorrow. This week I have NOT been good at sticking to the meal plan, making the best choices, or working out.

Blake is sick. He has had a terrible cold with a fever and congestion, and this is the first time he has ever been sick. Its incredibly frustrating not being able to just make him feel better and make the congestion go away. We do the "booger sucker" every couple of hours- which infuriates him, and you wouldn't believe the amount of snot that tiny little nose can hold. Poor baby. Were doing everything the Dr. said we could do and the bottom line is we just have to wait for him to kick it.

Needless to say, this mama is STRESSED. and when I am stressed, I don't make the best dieting decisions- apparently.

I've been stuck in the house the whole week since we don't want to take the sick baby out in public or in the cold air. So what do I do, well, I bake.

I bake whatever I have the ingredients for. I bake cake balls, cookies, cupcakes. And then I eat them. (there in lies the problem) I know I've said that the best way to ward off the temptation of eating the things you shouldn't eat is to get rid of it, take away the option. And I mean that. But hear me out, I didn't have any of those sweets in the house, I only had the staples of flour, oil, vanilla, sugar, ect. I told myself (or my little gremlin told me) that baking would give me something to do while I'm stuck in the house and that I would send the sweets off with Eric to work, give some to the neighbors and spread a little cheer. Seemed like a great idea at the time- until I realized I can't giveaway something until I've tried it to make sure it tastes ok. And then once I tasted how good it was, I couldn't stop eating them!!!

Three cupcakes and Six cookies later, I decided to send them with Eric to work. It was hard to part with that Tupperware full of yumminess, but I was glad to know that it wouldn't be a temptation anymore.

All great- til Eric came home from work that night with the Tupperware still half full!!! WHAT ARE YOU DOING? I THOUGHT I TOLD YOU TO GET THAT OUT OF HERE!!! And he continues to tell me that once he tried some of the goodies he "hid" the Tupperware so he wouldn't have to share it with everyone and could still eat some at home. Great- Of course I popped the top and pounded about three cookies as soon as I saw it. DAMNIT!

Now as far as the workouts go, I made it to Body Back on Monday and Wednesday- but haven't been able to go to Stroller Strides and haven't worked out at home at all. I don't have any excuse for not doing home workouts since I have the DVD to do... so that makes me pretty mad at myself. I'm pretty sure tomorrows workout might kill me if the disappointment of whatever the scale reads doesn't do that first.

BLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaa what a week! And he is STILL SICK!

Hopefully this coming week will be much better.

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