Monday, January 10, 2011

DAY ONE, and plain yogurt.

So today was day one of the body back training. It was assessment day, so it wasnt all that intense physically. Emotionally, well thats another story because we were measured, weighed, and counted. Lets just say I came in about last in every category, but I figure all the better when I do them again at the end... three cheers for most improved! After all, I was just trying to make everyone else look better- being the good samaritan that I am.

My favorite part of the training was at the end when Angela, our coach, told us what great mommies we were to be up at the crack of dawn when so many people were tucked in bed sleeping, not even thinking about getting up to work out- she's got that one right!

Blake did great while I was gone and got up only a few minutes before I got home. Eric got to spend a little quality time with him before work, and when I got home Blake was smiling as big as he could at his daddy making funny faces. What a great way to start the day!

I got the meal plans today for the nutrition portion of body back and hit the grocery store. Stocked up on all the healthy foods and planned out a few meals. Im not so worried about it now that I've seen it. The meal plan gives you options for home, restaurants and even on the go, so it should be simple enough to follow no matter the situation.

For my snack I decided I'd have the yogurt with berrys and nuts. Of course I bought the non-fat plain yogurt, just like the meal plan suggests. And let me tell you, I now know why the make all those different flavors for yogurt. That shit was NAS-TAYYYY. I got about one bite in and decided to ditch the yogurt and just eat the almonds and blueberries, which were much more satisfying. I can't believe I've never ate plain yogurt before. A first and last, ladies and gentleman. A first and last.

For dinner, I tried out one of the recipes- Spinach Meatballs. Epic FAIL. Let's just say I would be the first chef kicked off Hell's Kitchen if that English guy saw these balls. I thought I followed the steps correctly, but my meatballs were not sticking together. It ended up looking more like meal goulash than a meatball, but hell- it took too much time to try to get it all together so we decided to close our eyes and give it a try anyways. And guess what- not bad. I'd give it a 6 out of 10 on the deliciousness scale, but it filled us up and was healthy, so maybe it wasn't such a fail after all.

Overall I'd say today was a good day. I followed the meal plan, adding two extra snacks to account for the breastfeeding and skipped all the junk at the grocery store. I feel empowered to continue and take on the weeks ahead!

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