Friday, January 21, 2011

NO pain... NO gain!

Wednesday's Body Back class was awesome. We had nine different workout stations with weights, ropes, or mats, and we spent one minute at each station before moving to the next. We repeated the rotation three times, and kept moving the whole time. This is my favorite type of workout, and since you are only at each station for a minute, you can push yourself hard. Its like you are tricking your body because by the time it realizes that what you are doing hurts, you move to the next station and work another muscle.

The only problem is that I had to modify some of the exercises because between Monday and Wednesday- something happened to my knees. My sweet, angel knees that have never done me wrong are now turning on me.

I thought it might be my shoes -which is totally surprising because they were the really nice expensive ones i bought at payless :) - so I went to Big 5 get running shoes yesterday. They weren't the cutest pair on the wall, but what they lacked in style they made up for in cushion! I figured these New Balances would magically make my knees feel better and I would be ready to get up and go again. I tried running from my car to my house and just that 30 feet felt funny. I decided to take Thursday off, ice my knees, and pop some advil.

Today, I put on those magic shoes and gave Stroller Strides a try- not much luck though as I couldn't do much of the hopping or lunging- not that Blake was going to let me anyhow.

I think the problem is that I have been working out more in the past four weeks than I have in the past four years. My knees are like "WHO ARE YOU, AND WHAT HAVE YOU DONE WITH JULES?"

Well knees, you listen up. No more of this BS not gonna workout crap. Mama wants her body back and there is nothing you can do about it. You have until tomorrow to feel better. End of conversation.

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