Saturday, January 15, 2011

the DVD workout

For the Body Back program, you are supposed to work out 5 times a week. Twice with the group, two days off, and three days on your own. I decided to go to Stroller Strides Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays to account for the three on your own days. Stroller Strides is a full workout, just not as intense as the Body Back, and you have the babies so you don't always get to do everything if your little one is hungry and screaming (which Blake usually seems to be).

This Friday, Blake slept in. OK... I slept in, but Blake was sleeping too so can't I just blame it on him? We didn't get up in time to make it to Stroller Strides, so when Blake went down for a nap I decided to pop in the "Mama wants her body back" DVD and do the total body workout #1, and ab workout #1.

Let me tell you, these ladies don't mess around! The three women in the DVD are straight off the cover of Shape magazine. They have AMAZING bodies, and two of them are even sisters. (Somebody got LUCKY in the gene department... just saying)

I wasn't sure if I would get a good workout because I've never been one to workout on my own at home or done a workout DVD, but man! did I work up a sweat. (So did the girl on the DVD with the lime green tanktop- they totally zoomed in on her sweaty spot!) I didn't even have the tube that you use for half of the exercises and my heartrate was still climbing and climbing. I liked that at the bottom of the video, theres a little skateboard ramp and bars that fill from left to right as you get closer to the end. Theres also a countdown on the right that tells you how many seconds left of each exercise, which my eyes kept fixated on once I had the exercise down. Makes it easier to push yourself when you know the END IS NEAR!

During the workout the main instructor kept saying "How's that feel? You're doing great! Keep going, I'm right here with you!" and I'm laughing to myself thinking if she saw me in my booty shorts and tank top with all my junk hanging out, falling over right now she would not be saying that! It'd be more like "Why are you wearing that? Go change! Can't you balance? Get it right, Jules or I'm leaving you!"

All in all I was pleasantly surprised when I finished the 20 minute workout and had that beautifully red hot face and sweaty body. I even added on the 10 minute ab workout too, and Blake stayed asleep the whole time! Im thinking I can do 20 minutes any day... I can fit that into my schedule anytime- so no more excuses. Maybe next time I'll even add the tube!

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