Thursday, January 13, 2011

pancakes, pancakes everywhere

Isn't it weird how when you can't have something, all of the sudden, you see it everywhere!

For me, that thing is pancakes. I've never been a real pancake kinda person, or ordered them for breakfast on a morning out, but now I can't seem to escape them. I have seen more IHOP commercials in the past 4 days then in my entire lifetime. I go to costco and they are handing out samples of pancakes. I go for a walk and pass a cafe and whats on the window- blueberry PANCAKES! All of the sudden I have this incredible urge. An urge stronger than any of my pregnancy cravings- it simply takes over me. I need pancakes. I want pancakes. GIVE ME THE PANCAKES!

So what do I do? Run home, drop a piece of double fiber whole wheat toast in the toaster and spread on some peanut butter. Amazingly, my pancake obsession drifts away. Is it possible that I just needed something a little carby?!

Following the meal plan hasn't been as hard as I thought it would be, and I've been doing alright with the options given. I've had to add a couple of snacks each day so that I don't get too hungry, but I've been sticking to the guidelines and managing to stay satisfied. Its amazing how fruit and peanut butter can satisfy your sweet tooth, and veggies with hummus your salty tooth. I feel like I have more energy, even- and thats saying a lot because Blake was up 4 times last night! Besides that pancake scare, I've managed to stay away from temptation for 4 whole days. Go mama go!

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