Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Dribble Dribble, Oh No!

So today was the first "real" workout, and let me tell you, what a WORKOUT it was. We ran and did interval training that worked nearly every muscle in our bodies. I did get to a point where I felt like I was gonna stop, but Angela, our coach, seems to always have the right words or funny joke to make you laugh at yourself and keep going. When I felt like I couldn't go anymore, she told us to think of our children, and what do we want them to learn from us when things get tough. And man, what a motivater that was! I can do anything if I'm doing it for my baby.

The class itself was intense. About half way through, I felt like I wanted to smile because I was so proud of myself, puke because I was pushing myself harder than I ever have, and cry because... well... now that I have a baby I cry all the time, so emotional! Quite a mix of feelings!

...And then we did a resistance run. Those of you who can't handle TMI, feel free to stop reading this here.

The resistance run you did with a partner and as the partner holds a resistance tube around you, you have to run with their weight up the hill. Think of a horse and carriage- and you are the horse pulling the other person. This was HARD! But I made it up the hill and it was time to trade spots. As my partner worked her way up the hill, I felt it coming... o no, not here, not now. YUP, I had a little dribble dribble, and there was no way I could stop it. My partner kept moving and grooving up the hill and I am pissing myself with each bounce! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! Is this REALLY happening? Ahhh.... mommyhood, what have you done to me? All I can say is THANK GOD it was still dark outside so no one could see that glorious wet spot on my workout pants. Ring ring. Hello? This is your wake up call, need to start those kegels again!

At that point the workout was nearly over and all I can think is "I hope no one notices my little accident. " It actually made the rest of the time easier because I wasn't focusing on how hard each exercise was, imagine that!

We finished with an ab workout and a beautiful sunrise in the background. I made it back to my car just before the sun came up all the way- SAFE! I couldn't have had a better start to my day (minus the dribble drabble) and I feel great knowing that I pushed myself as hard as I could. I can't wait to start seeing results.


  1. Ok Jules you are hilarious and I LOVE you! You are going to do awesome!! btw...plain yogurt is gross, try greek yogurt!

    ~Becky :)

  2. laughing....
    you are awesome!
    love how you are blogging about
    this whole experience!

    amy (one of your BB companions!)

  3. just don't piss on my leg and tell me it's raining!!! hang in there Meepy. Love you!