Monday, January 17, 2011

I LOST A POUND, do de da de do!

4:30 came real early this morning... Eric and I went to a wedding last night and got home around midnight, so I had only 4 hours to recoup from working it on the dance floor and to try and get some sleep before my Body Back workout.

As my alarm went off, I actually thought about pretending like I slept through it and staying in bed. Then I realized the only one I would be cheating is myself- so I dragged my ass out of bed, had a cup of joe, and got ready to go.

First thing we did when we met was weigh in. I am happy to say I LOST A POUND, I LOST A POUND, DO DE DA DE DO! I had been so good all week following the meal plan, but fell off the wagon a little yesterday with half a piece of wedding cake and a couple glasses of wine. Who wants to stay dry at a wedding?! Come on! So, I was hoping that my killer dance moves would've burnt off any of the added calories- but knowing my luck I was prepared to see a gain instead of a loss. A pound? I'll take it. If I can do 1-2 lbs a week, I will be at my goal weight at the end of the 8 week program.

The workout today was great. It was similar to the DVD workout, just harder. We did cardio, strength, and core exercises in two sets, five different combinations. By the fourth combination, I was really feeling the wine from last night- if you know what I mean. My legs were shaking and I started to feel dizzy, but I kept on keeping on and finished the workout. Theres nothing better than the moment when you finish a tough workout and let your body sink into the floor to relax and think "Ah... its over!"

I drove home and Eric was still asleep- recovering from last night. I had some oatmeal, took a quick shower, and hopped back into bed. We woke up together around 10, and it was like the day had just begun... Was my workout this morning all a dream, I thought? No! Thats right! Angela kicked my ass this morning before I even really woke up!

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